Games I’ve Been Playing: Pixel People and Virtual City

Seriously contemplating to name this post “Games I’ve Been Playing: City Builder Edition
Playing game

Remember when I said I wanted to review games?

Well, problem is, I don’t really want to play things that isn’t interesting to me. A couple of days ago I tried Grudger, thinking that I can write a review for it. However, after a couple of minutes of playing, I can see that it sucks so I quickly refunded it. Unfortunately, that has invalidated me from reviewing it (the only review I can give is: Don’t buy it). I also got interested in Hell Yeah! and The Gods: Rebellion, but their size are too big for me to download (my connection has bandwidth cap at the moment).

But I still want to talk (or write) about games. So I decided to forget the reviewing part and just write about games that I’m currently playing. After all, I wrote this because I’m interested in a certain game and want the world to know about my opinion, not to create a review site. Besides, this allow me to write older games and not just new ones.

Oh, and I guess I’ll stick to mobile games. I’m also currently playing Guild Wars 2 and Farcry 3, but talking about mobile games is more fun. Anyway, let’s get it on!

Pixel People

I just got a 5th-gen iPod touch (I lost my previous 4th-gen one T_T), and the first new game that I put on it is Pixel People. I’ve actually taken an interest on the game ever since I saw its beautifully detailed pixel art on a preview article, and boy, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

On Pixel People, you must build city, assign workers to buildings, and collect money every hour or so. Kinda sound like your typical freemium, timer-based, city-building game, eh? Fortunately Pixel People has a really interesting twist on it, you can combine professions with one another to unlock new profession. Combine a secretary with a dreamer and you a get writer, then combine the writer with a detective and you get a reporter. Seriously, discovering those profession is really, really fun, and there are 155 professions for you to find!

Interestingly, this 155 professions limit actually provides the game with an ending, because once you got all of those professions, there isn’t much incentive to play any more. This simple limit actually made the game much more enjoyable since there’s a feeling of progress other than the size of your city. I really like Tiny Tower for it’s simple interface, but I eventually gave up playing it since there’s just no end to it. With Pixel People it’s different, I can see myself playing it for days until I finally unlock all 155 professions =D

For me, Tiny Tower has always been the epitome of timer-based game, but now it looks like I have to give that title to Pixel People.

Virtual City

The other games I’ve been playing is Virtual City (on Nexus 7 this time). Truth be told, I’ve played it on my PC several years ago but never got around to finish it (I managed to got 60% through the game if I recall correctly). So the moment I saw it on Google Play, I know it’s my chance to finally finish it (and continue with the sequels =p).

Virtual City is another city building game, but it takes a way different approach to Pixel People (or other city building games). Instead of simply putting down buildings and expanding a city, on Virtual City you have to manage supply chain for factories. So it’s not enough to just have a sawmill, you also need to setup a transportation route that can move those lumbers to a furniture factory effectively. Oh and there’s also houses and buses that you need to manage on top of that supply chain stuff.

All in all, I really like Virtual City’s spin on the city building genre. It doesn’t feel as strategy-heavy as real city building simulation like SimCity but it doesn’t feel as shallow as those timer-based, casual city building game. That said, the game isn’t translated very well for mobile platform. There’s some addition that makes it easier to use on mobile device, but it’s clear the game isn’t made with touchscreen in mind.

Now I need to finish both of these games so I can move on to the next one. Or hey, may be it’s time for me to learn multitasking properly? =3


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