Vector Review

It’s been a long, long time since I last reviewed any game =’)
Get Vector from Google Play for free here!
And BTW, there’s an iOS version too.

A couple of days ago, someone made a rant about how there’s no good website dedicated to Android gaming. I tend to agree with this sentiment, on iOS side there are tons of review site (my personal favorites being Touch Arcade and Slide To Play), but on Android side? Barely. Sure, there are sites like Android Police, but they cover everything about Android, not just games review. May be there’s some pent-up demand about Android game reviews after all.

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to do some mobile game reviews for a while now. Problem is, I don’t really play games all the time, so I usually ended up finding games that has gained some popularity. I don’t see the point of reviewing a popular game since everybody already know about it, so I never write one. So, when yesterday I read that there’s this new Android game called Vector, I thought of reviewing it to restart my series of game reviews =D

Off to the review then. What is Vector?

Vector gameplay

Vector is what happens when Canabalt and Mirror’s Edge have a child. It’s a runner game focusing on parkour where you have to run across rooftops to escape from your chaser.

Parkour? Why yes, the game has countless variations of animation just for jumping over obstacles. Jump at the correct time and you would leap over it smoothly, time it a bit off and you would roll over it, time it way off and you would just simply jump on it. Every mistiming would slow you down a little, so if you do it a lot your chaser will eventually catch up with you.

Oh, and there are also other abilities like sliding, dashing, and even wall jumping, but nothing beats leaping over obstacles when timed correctly.

Unlike your usual runner game, Vector features several levels that can be finished in a minute or two, so there’s an end to this game. Each level has a score system that will give you a maximum of three stars if you manage to collect all pickups and execute all the tricks on that level. These stars will then be converted to coins which can be used to unlock stuff.

Even though I said stuff, these coins are mainly used to unlock more parkour move. Backflips, somersaults, barrel roll, you name it. However, even though you can purchase tricks, it doesn’t mean you can freely use them. Hoping you could somersault over any obstacles? Good luck with that, a pre-determined trick will be executed if you jump at the right time at a special spot. Oh, and have I mentioned that each level only has 3 of these spots?

It’s a weird situation. Seeing those parkour tricks being pulled off is really cool and satisfying, yet the game doesn’t seem to want you to do it too much.

Vector pickups

Right, I did mention pickups before, didn’t I? There are several pickups scattered across the level and you must get all of them if you want to gain a three star score. Problem is, sometime getting these pickups requires mistiming your jumps. For example, at one point, to get a pickup you need to jump incorrectly so you can land on top of an obstacle instead of properly leaping over it. Contrast this with Rayman Jungle Run where going after the pickups would actually put you in the correct path and situation.

Just like the situation with the parkour tricks, it’s really weird to see a parkour game keep denying the player from actually doing parkour properly.

All that said, the game features a really nice looking graphics and animation. And I like how the UI is very simple and minimalistic, it feels very modern and fits the setting of the game.

One last thing: the story. What’s really cool about it is how the story occurred without a single line of dialog. Nobody want to read dialogs on their mobile games, so the developer tried to convey a story without them. And I think it actually succeeds, to a certain degree. Unfortunately the game doesn’t seem to be finished yet, the third set of levels is said to be coming soon when I tried to access them =/

Vector deluxe upgrade

While the game can be downloaded for free, don’t expect to fully play it without paying. After all, you can’t even save your progress if you don’t purchase it. Fortunately, once you purchase it for a dollar, the game is quite generous with giving you coins, I never find myself in any sort of grinding. Granted, I retried some levels a couple of times because I need to get more stars to unlock the next levels, but that relies on skill not time.

Overall I found this game to have a perfect type of business model. It’s free, which means anyone can download and give it a try even though the free version is annoying. And by paying once all those annoyance is removed and you don’t really need to pay any further to win the game =D

With great animations, solid gameplay, and friendly business model, Vector is definitely a good game, there’s no need to question that. However, there are tons of small things in the game that hamper player’s enjoyment. What’s a game if people can’t enjoy it? So unfortunately, I can’t really recommend people to play Vector.

Get it? DUNNO
(as before, my rating is DON’T – YOU SHOULDN’T – DUNNO – PROBABLY – DEFINITELY)

Get it here in case you wanna give it a try.


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