Project Claw v0.1.8

This is supposed to be posted a couple of months ago, but meh, better late than never =D


So yeah, Project Claw version 0.1.8 has now been out for a while in Google Play and can be downloaded right here! This update is quite quick in the making, it only took less than 10 days for me to work on it. But don’t worry, it still packs quite a lot of content!

Anyway, let’s see what additions does this update bring to Project Claw:

  • A brand new orb, the Mystery Orb!
    (check it out at 400 M or more height)
  • Extra ability for the Red Orb.
    (I found the red orb kinda boring, so hopefully this will spice things up)
  • Game difficulty refinement.
    (the addition of Mystery Orb changes things up a bit)
  • More visual elements.
    (now featuring more clouds!)
  • Added More Apps option.
    (using AppBrain service)
  • Analytics improvement.
    (so I can understand the players better)

As you can see, this update is mostly about adding new contents to the game, both for the gameplay as well as the visual. I felt that the main gameplay mechanism has been quite enjoyable and doesn’t need much polish anymore, so I started to look on what I can do to made the game even more fun, and that is variety. So in the end I tried to improve the variety on the gameplay by adding 2 new orb effect and also variety on the visual by adding more objects in the background. I really hope players will enjoy these new additions.

There’s also a really minor update I released before this version
Version 0.1.6

  • Added some API calls to other services.

So, what’s next?
The next version is almost ready to be unveiled, and it’s a big, big update. For one, I’ve decided to redo the engine for the main gameplay mechanism! You see, the old engine has a lot of limitations to what I can do with the gameplay, for example, having powerups is totally out of the question since the player don’t have the ability to control their positioning. This new engine hopes to remedy that and brings you those power ups to make things more fun.

Stay tuned for the next version of Project Claw!


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