A Thought on The Dark Knight Rises

I watched The Dark Knight Rises around a week ago, and when it finished, I quickly wrote a series of tweets reviewing it (otherwise I would forget to do it). Fearing those tweets would be lost in the stream of time, I decided to collect it in this post and expanded on some (okay, most) of the ideas that don’t fit within 140 characters.

And don’t worry, I would try to be as spoiler-free as possible (unless you count something like, who the villain is, as a spoiler)

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises is many things. It is the sequel to The Dark Knight, one of the best superhero movie of all time. It is also the continuation to the work of Christopher Nolan (the guy responsible for a lot of awesome movies like Memento or Inception) on the Batman saga. And last but not least, it is the last part of the Dark Knight trilogy which started with Batman Begins in 2005 and ended now in 2012.

So yeah, The Dark Knight Rises isn’t just another exciting movie, it is an ending to the long journey of Batman. Fortunately, The Dark Knight Rises really excels at finishing up the saga, and to be honest, it should become an example of how you should properly end a trilogy. It manages to wrap up the whole series beautifully where every character was given a proper ending, every hint was followed up thoughtfully, and every part of the story comes full circle. I totally want to stand and clap when the credit rolls in, it is that beautiful.

And no sequel or spin-off, pretty please?
(a reboot, especially as a setup for Justice League, is okay I suppose)


Similarity: They all have been rebooted.

Speaking of superhero movies, my personal top three superhero movies have been something like:

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Spider-man 2
  3. Spider-man 1 (Sam Reimi’s version, not the reboot one) / Iron Man 1

(Note that I haven’t watched some movies like Watchmen or even Batman Begins, so I can’t really comment on them)

And with that, The Dark Knight Rises has just became my personal second top superhero movies, moving Spider-Man 2 to the third place.

To be fair though, both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises don’t have the usual superhero vibe where everything is happy and cheerful. The Dark Knight is a more of a thriller movie where people is supposed to make some impossible and cruel choices. The Dark Knight Rises, while overall is still pretty dark and violent, is more of an epic war movie about courage and hope that showcases the best and worst of humanity. It’s a story about a city under oppression and the fight of common people (yeah, not the fight of a superhero) and how anyone could be a hero. In a lot of ways, The Dark Knight Rises is even less of a superhero movie than its predecessor.


Anyway, what would a hero be without his villain counterpart? On The Dark Knight Rises, Batman have Bane as the villain, the bat-breaker. Unlike most villains (such as Doctor Octopus or Loki), I’m actually scared of Bane! He doesn’t show off his power (or gives speech about his supposedly-horrible plan), he just kills people as if it’s nothing, which makes him a lot more terrifying than your common villains.

Plot twist! Unfortunately, I know there’s a plot twist in the movie, but fortunately, I was totally wrong about what the plot twist would be. This is that kind of plot twist that you won’t ever see coming, even those who are familiar with the comic are still surprised by it. And one last thing, the scoring. It’s really, really awesome, it manages to build up a lot of epic scenes perfectly, ensuring the audience hold their breath when the scenes reach their climaxes. I’m sure the movie won’t be that amazing without that kind of scoring.

With all said and done, it’s not a perfect movie by any means, there are plot holes scattered throughout the movie, some are totally unexplainable. But I’m a big believer of the suspension of disbelief, and The Dark Knight Rises is definitely one of those movies where you should suspend your disbelief and fully enjoy it instead.

The Dark Knigh Rises characters


The Dark Knight Rises has everything you ever want from a movie, from chair-gripping intensity, to emotionally-moving scenes, to breath-taking actions, to mind-blowing plot twist, and to intensity-building scoring.

Final score: 9.5/10

A friend of mine said that…
Batman Begins is a story about Batman.
The Dark Knight is a story about Joker.

So what about The Dark Knight Rises? Well for me…
The Dark Knight Rises is a story about Gotham.


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