Project Claw v0.1.5 is Out!

Ah, finally got the time to announce an update for Project Claw =D


Project Claw version 0.1.5 is now live on Google Play and can be downloaded right here!

This update has been in the works for some times, but I’ve been busy (with various events, one of them is a hackathon =D), so it’s only now I finally got the time to finish this update and release it. Fortunately, it looks like now is the perfect time to release an update, since it’s weekend and it’s right before Google I/O 2012, where there will be a lot of attention to Android. Oh, and isn’t it summer holiday or something right now?

So, what does this update bring to the game?

  • A new type of orb, the black orb.
    (reach 250 M height to check it out)
  • A change to the grapple hook‘s visualization.
    (a lot of people takes some times to fully understand the mechanism of the hook, this change will hopefully make it clearer)
  • Gradually increasing falling speed.
    (there’s a lot of thought behind this one, in another post I suppose)
  • Now the game will be paused when interrupted.
    (a couple of times I died because I received a message while playing)
  • Flurry analytics.
    (I really want to compare it to Google Analytics)
  • And some general improvements!

This was supposed to be in the update, but…

A little trivia, originally I planned to add a little eye candy with this update, a moon. Nothing too fancy, just something to add to an otherwise bland, starry night sky. After a couple of tries I decided to scrap it though, adding a moon means slowing down the background, and slowing down the background makes the game lose a bit of it’s “speedy” feeling, something that I felt important to the game.

As some of you might have known, there have been 2 unannounced previous updates to the game, they are:
Version 0.1.2

  • Added better support for various resolutions.
  • Added more tracking with Google Analytics.
  • Added a “what’s new” dialog.
  • Fixed some bugs when falling.

Version 0.1.3

  • Added a highscore effect.
  • Fixed an issues with Google Analytics.
  • Fixed an issue with limited number of orbs.
    (seriously, this problem only appears if you have reached like 1500 m height, and I thought no one would play the game that much to ever reach it)

So, what’s next?
For the next update I was thinking of adding another type of orb, since the purpose of releasing this prototype is to experiment with various gameplay element. Another thing I’d like to achieve is to get user to keep coming back to the game instead of playing it in just one go, so may be I’ll add some sort of daily mission or just a simple leaderboard, though they may not get included in the next update, but we’ll see.


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