Project Claw is Released!


And without further ado, I announced that Project Claw v0.1 has been released and is now live on Google Play!

So, what is Project Claw? Well, here’s a description from Google Play

In Project Claw, you possess the ability to grapple to floating magic orbs and catapult yourself into the air. Fly high into the night sky by using these magical orbs, each with their own power and characteristic you have to master.

Have fun in this endless arcade game and try to fly as high as possible!

Screenshot 1  Screenshot 2

Project Claw is your usual endless arcade game where you need to fly as high as possible and try getting highscores. What’s different is the mechanism to get higher, in this game you have to touch these floating orbs to attach your character and release them to make him launches upward. You’re constantly moving up and down, so you need to have good reflexes to tap those orbs accurately. To prevent you from getting bored, there are several types of orb that you can use, each having their own special effect when used.

Here’s a video showing the detailed mechanism of the game:

Anyway, keen-eyed readers might have noticed that it’s Project Claw v0.1. Yep, it’s still version 0.1, in fact, it’s still pretty much a prototype, hence the version number. It really is something I put together over the week, most of the graphics is drawn over a single night, and the coding is one big mess with no architecture.

So, why did I release it? Funnily, it all begun when I was playing Mega Jump in the bathroom. I was frustrated with the inaccuracy of accelerometer-based control, and tried to think of how I would tackle the control for a similar game. A friend of mine tried to implement a left-and-right-side-touch scheme to control the character in his game, but while it’s accurate and simple, I felt that it’s not fun enough. Then an idea dawned on me: a control scheme based on grappling hook where the character moves upward by grabbing various objects using it.

I really liked the idea since it seems fun and it has a lot of possible additional mechanism to be incorporated. However, at that point, I had 2 other Android projects I was working on, and I didn’t like the idea of tackling  more than 2 projects at a time, so I can’t really work on that idea. So I just write down the idea on a piece post-it note and stick it to the wall so I didn’t forget. Several moments later I had an idea that I should just create a prototype to test the concept and release it as it is. Since I can easily measure the market response, get a lot of feedbacks, and learn first-hand about releasing an application that way, I decided to go for it

Post-it Notes

The post-it notes grew along the project XD

So, a week later, after several iterations of testing and development, it was kinda done. I simply slapped a pause and gameover menu over the original gameplay and it was ready. I’m glad that this time the gameplay I imagined is truly fun, most of the testers easily get absorbed into playing the game and they didn’t really have a problem with retrying the game when they died.

Anyway, I originally planned to release the game by Monday, but it got delayed and I ended up releasing it on Wednesday (imagine, even a prototype can get delayed). One big reason for that delay is that I wanted to have a gameplay video so I could show it to people that doesn’t have an Android phone. Since my game wass too fast for emulator (yes, even for that new gpu-enabled emulator), I had to record a video of the game running on a real device. But controlling a fast-paced game in one hand and holding a phone for recording in another hand is really difficult, I ended up using some special equipments to stabilize the camera.

Behold my professional video recording equipment:

Video equipment

Yes, it’s a Galaxy Nexus on top of… some stuff

Anyway, since the game is now available, go download and play it!
Don’t forget to rate it on Google Play and hit the in-game feedback button =D

Get it on Google Play


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