CES 2012: Day 1

CES 2012

The first day of CES 2012 is done! Well, even though it’s the first day, a lot of announcements have been made, since day 0 is really full with press conferences. So, what’s my opinion on various stuff in this year CES? Please bear in mind that I’m not really interested in things like camera or TV (been some times since I actually watched TV), so mostly it would be about gadgets.

Acer Iconia Tab A700
Three words: 1080p, quad-core, and ICS. Shit just got real.To be honest though, I’m sold at the word “1080p” already. But of course, spec isn’t everything. My friend has an Iconia Tab A500, so I’ve got the luxury to try out an Acer tablet, and well, despite having the same spec as my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the experience is completely different, A500 felt pretty clunky and plastic-y compared to my Galaxy Tab. Still, we don’t have the actual device on our hands right now, so we can just keep drooling over the potential awesomeness and hope it would provides an experience that matches the spec =D

Nokia Lumia 900
So, why would a Nokia device interests me? Because it’s their high-end phone, it’s their big return to the US, so I was expecting something mind-blowing. Instead, all they got is N9 / Lumia 800 design on a 4.3-inches phone with extra LTE, seriously? Oh, and don’t forget, it’s still the same old Windows Phone, no extra feature, no killer application, no customization. Do they forget that Nokia barely got any marketshare in the US? How do they hope to compete with other vendors when there’s nothing really different between a Windows Phone from HTC and a Windows Phone from Nokia?

Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

While we’re on it, let’s discuss differentiation. You might call Android fragmented, but I still believe that it’s actually freedom. Samsung and Sony are examples of OEM that managed to take advantage of this, they have made a lineup of devices (Galaxy and Xperia) that covers from low-end to high-end and could fit all kind of people. Other OEMs have failed on this aspect, let’s see HTC line ups: HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire, HTC Sensation, etc, etc. Seriously, those phones aren’t so different from one another, even their prices are similar, how would consumer know which phone is better? Anyway, back to Nokia, I really, really want them to starts differentiating themselves from other vendors, take advantage of their deal with Microsoft, and stop reusing the same design over and over again.

Asus Transformer Prime TF700T
It’s our second 1080p tablet! \o/ Asus has been delivering amazing products lately, both Asus Transformer and Asus Transformer Prime seems quite well received both by critics and by publics. Not to mention that Transformer Prime have started to receive the ICS upgrade. I definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for a 1080p tablet, though if you can wait, you should wait until iPad 3 announcement and Samsung’s counter to it =p

HTC Titan II
Another Windows Phone… phone(?) on the list. Not really interested in the device itself, but I’m more intrigued with the camera on this one, it’s a freaking 16-Mega-Pixel-Camera! But again, we all knew that mega pixel counts barely means anything these days, but I think it definitely is a good news if vendors have managed to manufacture a 16 MP camera for a smarphone.

Lenovo K800
We’ve got a newcomer to the the smartphone industry, Intel! Intel has been pretty late to the smartphone game, but with Medfield chipset now ready, they’re going to use their massive capability to spread their chipset all over the world (hell, ultrabook spread is all thanks to Intel). More competition is always good, with most tablets now using NVidia Tegra, we’ll see how Intel could change the balance. So, Lenovo K800 is the first device to run on Medfield, and bundled with ICS and 720p display, it would definitely be a great first step for Intel’s venture in the mobile market. And Intel also made a partnership with Motorola to make various devices using Intel processor, since Motorola is now owned by Google, would we see an Intel Nexus next time?

Razer Fiona
Razer has been experimenting a lot it seems, on last year CES they introduced Razer Switchblade (which later on morphed into Razer Blade) which is pretty revolutionary in my opinion. This year they introduced Razer Fiona, which shows another possibility for portable gaming, a tablet for PC gaming with integrated dual controller. Not really original you might say, since XPeria Play has the very same concept, but this is Razer we’re talking about, they made some ridiculously bad-ass-yet-comfortable design for their devices. Hell, I never know how much difference a good mouse could make until I tried Razer Orochi (and later on, Razer Imperator). Anyway, I’d really like to see they implement both Android and Windows on it, playing both Assassin’s Creed 3 and ShadowGun would be so awesome on Razer Fiona.

Razer Fiona

Razer Fiona: A PC gaming tablet?

Special mention would go to LG OLED TV
It’s ridiculously awesome, never know a screen could be so good.


There are still several interesting stuff I haven’t covered, let’s hope I can cover it on Day 2 =D


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