Android Games: Reviews

So, I finally run out of the 16GB space I have on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and most of them are because of the new games I’ve bought lately (most of the games for tablet require the user to download the resource pack which can go as high as 600-700 MB).

10-Cent App Sale

No wonder, December has been a pretty amazing month for buying Android applications. First they have those awesome 10 days where applications are sold at $0.10, then Gameloft decided to discount their games as well for celebrating new year. And I have pretty much spent a lot of time playing them, so I might as well give a quick review and compare them, so people can find out which games they should buy if they ever want to have them, they all look awesome on the page anyway =D

First off, here’s the list of the games (26 of them) I’ve bought recently and their prices as well: (sorted alphabetically)

9mm HD ? $0.99
BackStab HD ? $0.10
Age of Zombies $1.02 $0.10
Apparatus $2.77 $0.10
Blood & Glory FREE FREE
Can Knockdown 2 $1.53 $0.10
Captain America $2.99 $0.10
Fieldrunners HD $2.99 $0.10
Great Little War Game $2.91 $0.10
Heavy Gunner 3D $4.99 $0.10
Jelly Defense $3.11 $0.10
Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim $2.02 $0.10
Minecraft – Pocket Edition $6.60 $0.10
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation $6.99 $0.99
MX Moto $1.99 $0.10
N.O.V.A. 2 HD ? $0.99
Reckless Getaway $1.99 $0.10
Sentinel 3: Homeworld $2.89 $0.10
Shine Runner $1.99 $0.10
SimCity Deluxe $5.21 $0.10
Sleepy Jack $1.99 $0.10
Spirit HD $1.24 $0.10
SummitX Snowboarding $4.99 FREE
Tank Riders $1.99 $0.10
Train Conductor 2: USA $2.06 $0.10
Zenonia $0.99 $0.10

Took quite some time compiling them @.@ Anyway, bolded items are the ones I have played, while the rest are still waiting to be played. I included both discounted and original price here so I can comment whether the game is worthed or no for their usual prices. The list is still missing the original price for most of Gameloft games though, since they’re still discounted at the time of this writing, I’ll update it as soon as it reverts to the original pricing.

Gameloft Sale

On to the reviews then!

Blood & Glory (FREE)
If iOS got Infinity Blade, then Android would have Blood & Glory. The gameplay is pretty similar, swordfight that’s controlled with gesture, and not just the gameplay, the graphic is similarly amazing as well. It’s a really fun and addicting game, though it suffers the same lack of depth and length as Infinity Blade. But hey, it’s a really fun time killer =D

Get it? DEFINITELY, it’s free.

Can Knockdown 2 ($1.53)
Usually I don’t buy mini games, but since it was on sale for $0.10, I decided to give it a try. And I have mixed feelings about it; it definitely is addictive, I had some fun playing it all night long after I made the purchase. On the other hand, I haven’t played it again that much =/ Why? I suppose because it’s the lack of progress, it’s just a couple of mini games after all, so I didn’t look forward to play it again. So yeah, it’s kinda weird: it is fun to play, but not something I would play a lot.

Get it? DUNNO

Captain America ($2.99)
Okay, it’s official, game for movies should be made for smartphones instead of game consoles, they’re easier to develop and can easily reach mass market after all. Anyway, Captain America is a mix between runner and platformer where you use gesture to control your action and chain combos. Combos? Yeah, you can beat enemy down by chaining gestures, resulting in a very cool slow motion combo. Combined with tons of levels and collectibles, this game is just pure win. Oh, did I mention that you can also change the costume to various versions of Captain America? =D Now I hope they also made a Spider-man/Avengers game or something, it would be super awesome.


Fieldrunners HD ($2.99)

Ah, another tower defense game, would we ever run out of them? So, how does Fieldrunners differ from the rest? By offering a colorful visual combined with a chaotic yet balanced gameplay, each tower is just different from another, both in looks and in usage. The maps also have a lot of variety, you can never use the same strategy over and over again. All this resulted in a game that will make you spend countless hours in perfecting your strategy.


Heavy Gunner 3D ($4.99)
To be honest, Heavy Gunner is a pretty wonderful game where you control a twin turret and shoot down enemies coming from all over the place in a 3D world. The “control” part is very problematic though, using accelerometer just doesn’t give enough precision, while using touch control doesn’t give enough mobility. Overall it’s acceptable though, what’s not acceptable is the length of the game, I managed to finish it in one night, completely not acceptable for a 5 dollar game.

Get it? DON’T

Jelly Defense ($3.11)
Our second tower defense game in the list! (I do love tower defense games =D) I must say, the visual really impress me, not because it’s super-realistic or something, but because its direction of using only red and blue colors on white background made it really stands out, not to mention the jellies are really adorable. Though the gameplay definitely needs more depth, most of the time I can manage with using only 3-4 types of tower from the available 10 towers =/ But I’ve gotta to say, each level has a tiny difference that made you need to alter your strategy each time. BTW, have I mentioned that the level selection map is a planet (that you can rotate using your finger) that’s actually some kind of giant floating animal? =D

Get it? PROBABLY (for $1.99 it would be DEFINITELY)

Minecraft – Pocket Edition ($6.60)
Ah, Minecraft, previously available only for Xperia Play, now it’s available for most of Android devices. Overall, the experience is pretty satisfying, I managed to get absorbed in the game trying to build some underground cavern XD The price is an outrage though, but hell, if you’re going to buy this game, I bet you’re also into Minecraft on desktop, and I suppose $6 is an okay price to pay for satisfying your Minecraft addiction.

Get it? DUNNO (For Minecraft lover it would be PROBABLY)

Reckless Getaway ($1.99)
Reckless Getaway plays out exactly like what the title suggest, you control a reckless car running away from the police and other obstacles, though I still question why you would still need to collect coins when you’re on a getaway. Anyway, the game has good premises as well as tons of level, too bad I found the control lacks the tightness needed to make the whole experience fun, instead I found it to be very frustrating. Not to mention that the game turns out to be a game of memorizing the positions of those coins instead of a game about dodging obstacles =/


Sentinel 3: Homeworld ($2.89)
And the third tower defense game! While both Fieldrunners and Jelly Defense has a very cheerful presentation, Sentinel 3 offers a really serious narrative combined with a bit of RPG elements where you need to choose power up and upgrade your stats. The whole thing would be perfect if not for one tiny problem: it’s hard. I found myself have to grind on previous levels several times before I’m able to finish the latest one. Oh, and I also found some mechanism, like having several gates, to be utterly broken.


Shine Runner ($1.99)
On the first glance, Shine Runner seems to be a pretty decent game, after all, what could go wrong with a 3D boat racing game? Everything apparently. Like a lot of other games, the control lacks something to be desired of, and hell, what racing? You’re simply going from the start line to the finish line with almost no penalty for arriving late. Oh, not to mention that the game apparently isn’t about racing at all, it’s about trading. Sounds weird? It’s even weirder that the trading mechanism is so random that you almost have no way to alter the outcome. And your actions are recorded and erased every 10 turns, so you have to start over next time.

Get it? DON’T

Sleepy Jack ($1.99)
Sleepy Jack is a 3D Shoot’em Up, kinda similar to the Gummy ship section of Kingdom Hearts. Even though I said Shoot’em Up, the game actually consist more of collecting stuff than shooting enemies. Well, the game manages to scale the difficulty quite well, the first few levels felt like a walk in the park, but past halfway mark, you would really need to fight your way through. Not to mention that the game has several modes with enough variety that it would keep the player from even feeling bored. All in all, it’s a really solid game even though it may not be as addicting as other games.


Spirit HD ($1.24)
I remember seeing this game featured before I have credit card to buy it, I thought it’s an awesome game. Apparently, it’s not. The gameplay is pretty simple, you need to capture various spirits by controlling one spirit by moving it in circles. And well, that’s all there is to it, the only variety comes from the type of enemies. It would definitely be a fun mini game if not for the horrible control, trying to move the spirit around is a pain in the ass, I found my finger often goes over the bezel, making me lose control over my spirit =/ And the game has tons and tons of enemies, which, when combined with the horrible control, make the whole experience really frustrating.

Get it? DON’T

SummitX Snowboarding ($4.99)
3D snowboarding game? It would be super awesome, right? Well, it’s… complicated. The graphics is amazing (even though it’s only 50 MB!) and the gameplay also feels pretty solid, I can move around and perform various tricks quite well. Sounds perfect right? Well, the problem is there’s not much variety, sure, you can change your looks and there are several place to roam around, but that’s all, you can’t purchase more tricks or upgrade your stats, and the only thing you can do is raking up scores =/ I would probably think about purchasing it if it’s only around $2, but for $5? There’s no way. Though, now I’m interested in Tony Hawk’s Touch Skater, it snowboarding is possible, why skating isn’t?


Train Conductor 2: USA ($2.06)
Another mini game! This one has locked levels though, so there is some feeling of progress. Basically in the game you try to move trains to their designated tracks; it starts out slow, but as more trains are arriving, things are getting more hectic and you started to rely on nothing but reflex. What I absolutely loved from the game is that each level adds more twist to the original gameplay, preventing the player from ever getting bored =D Too bad when you unlocked all levels, the only thing left you can do is getting the score as high as possible.


Zenonia ($0.99)
Zenonia! I absolutely loved Zenonia 3 (even with its kinda weird difficulty system). So what about the first one? Well, if you’re a fan of the Zenonia saga, this is a must have since it tells about how the whole story began, though the gameplay feels a bit lacking, especially when compared to the latest sequel. But hey, if you’re comparing to its sequel, then you simply must have the whole series, while if you’re not comparing it, then the game is actually pretty good by itself if you’re into some Action RPG goodness.

Get it? PROBABLY (it’s $0.99 for god’s sake)

To conclude:
You DEFINITELY should get Blood & Glory, Captain America, and Fieldrunners.
You PROBABLY should get Jelly Defense, Sentinel 3, Sleepy Jack, Train Conductor 2: USA, and Zenonia

Now, I’m still unsure whether I should buy that ShadowGun or no…


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