Dropping Out

No, I’m not gonna drop out or something. I guess.

It’s been some times since I post some serious thought here, so I gotta apologize to you all. Funnily, it seems I’m more creative and in the mood for writing at night, probably because I’ve already gone through the day, so I have more materials to talk about. Anyway, it’s night, so it’s time for some writing!

Anyway, currently I’m reading Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston, and I’ve gotta say, it truly is a fascinating read. It’s so amazing how a lot of those founders almost hit the bottom and suddenly saved by some miracle. It’s also awesome to see that all those guys are actually just ordinary human beings (really determined humans probably, but still ordinary)

Right now I’m on the 12th story, and so far, most (like 90%) of young founders I’ve read on the book actually quit their school. Not to mention that a lot of them quit when they are on their last year (just another semester to graduation). I guess it’s a testament to their determination and their faith that what they are building will actually change the world. They quit because, well, they have this momentum behind the product they’re building, and only by taking advantage of it they can be successful.

And all this time, I thought people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are lucky because they quit school and still manage to be very successful. But it truly is the other way around, they get very successful because they know that timing is really important, and only by quitting school they (and all these founders I’ve read) can ride that “wave” of success with perfect timing.

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