Blizzard DOTA and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

BlizzCon 2011 is under way, and two games have just been announced!

Blizzard DOTA

The first on is Blizzard DOTA, their take on DotA using Starcraft II engine. Basically, it’s a DotA game with heroes from various Blizzard games, there’s Arthas, Sylvanas, Kerrigan, etc, though their looks have been upgraded to a much more sci-fi looks.

Though, based on the trailer, which is pretty corny, I don’t know how serious they are about this (I mean, “2 dark gods, one blue and one red”, really?). It seems like something some interns just put up, it doesn’t have that usual Blizzard seal of quality.

Muradin looks really badass BTW

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Blizzard also revealed another trailer for Heart of the Swarm, the first Starcraft II expansion (they also unveiled an expansion to WoW, too bad I don’t play it =p). Heart of the Swarm focuses on the tale of Sarah Kerrigan and let player take control of the Zerg in the campaign.

The trailer reveals that Kerrigan isn’t that old human Kerrigan we know, it seems she’s still corrupted, even after released from the influence of the Zerg. So now she plans to get her revenge at Mengsk (is he everyone’s villain or something?) and to do that, she needs to take control of the Zerg again.

Other than that, Heart of the Swarm seems to have new units for each faction as well (Terran’s new units look pretty cool). I’m pleased to hear it, as it means that Heart of the Swarm really is an expansion for the original Starcraft II, instead of an “episode” where we only get some new campaign missions.

Though, as usual, Blizzard hasn’t announced any release date =/


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