Yay, finally got the time to post this review here =D

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Back then, as I have posted before on Google+, I was really excited when Gamevil finally released Destinia on Android since their previous attempt on ActionRPG, Zenonia 3, is super awesome, so I have high expectation for this game. And several days after I downloaded it, I finally finished the game on normal difficulty =D

How does it lives to my expectation then? Well, if you say that Zenonia 3 is an Action RPG, then you would say that Destinia is a hack n’ slash game (much like Kingdom Hearts VS Diablo). Destinia heavily focuses on the hack and slash part while the story and characters are kept to a minimum with the game progressing only by following a series of quest. Not just kept to a minimum, the NPCs in town have no role at all other than to give the hero various side-quest, the story suddenly changed halfway through the game, and there are also several other problems that make the story so forgettable. Hell, you would have a hard time finding a reason why you’re suddenly fighting the final boss.

Stories and characters aside, gameplay is where the games shines the brightest. It follows the basic concept of Hack and Slash games where you only need to mash the attack button (and occasionally use some skills) to level up so you can beat the enemies on the next map. The joy of beating up monsters and gaining rare weapons is so addictive that it keeps drawing you back into the game. The game itself provides three classes (Warrior, Thief and Gunner) where each class have a certain style of fighting. These three basic classes can be further evolved into a more specific class later in the game, though the only difference would be in stats distribution, the character’s attacking animation and skillset would stay the same.

Destinia Screenshot

BTW, have I mentioned that there’s no treasure chest in the game? Your only reason to explore the maps would be to find more monsters that you can beat up.

Other than the combat system, there are a lot of interesting mechanism in the game, you can create equipment from recipe, you can add a modifier (AGI + 4) to your equipment, you can have a pet with a certain skill and even evolve them. Though these mechanism are interesting, the game provides neither tutorial nor introduction about how the mechanism works, leaving the player to experiment on these stuff on their own. I never know that evolving a pet (which will sacrifice another pet) can fail, so when I tried to evolve my pet for the first time, it failed and I ended up having no pet for some times. Not to mention that my first pet has a healing ability that I never find again through out the entire game. Another example of how broken the mechanism is that I have absolutely no idea about how the equipment fusing works. Is it totally random? Or is there some formula behind it?

My final thought?

You should give Destinia a try if you’re looking to waste some time using your phone (it’s a highly addictive game), but it’s definitely not the place to look for some epic quest.


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