So… I just saw the trailer for SHADOWGUN, Madfinger’s latest game.
(it will come to Android, don’t worry)

My reaction? Holy shit…

I have always loved Madfinger Games, Samurai II: Vengeance is one of those games that I bought for my Galaxy Tab 10.1. And it definitely doesn’t disappoint. To be honest, I always thought they will simply reuse their Samurai engine and make Samurai III, but they developed this game instead. Come on, an over-the-shoulder shooter with cover mechanism and beautiful graphics? Definitely a first day buy to me.

From a technical perspective, it’s really amazing. In action games like this one, FPS is really important as it affects your skill and gameplay experience. But from what I saw in the video, it manages to deliver a really smooth gameplay while still having one of the best graphics in mobile games. And it uses Unity as the engine that powers the game, which should say something about the capability of Unity for mobile platforms. Where’s that mobile Unreal Engine, BTW?

From that gameplay video, other than how awesome it is, I have two things that trouble me. First off, how are you going to move the player and rotate the camera? I don’t see any joystick, only a button for shooting and interacting with objects. And the second one is the fact that there is no cover-to-cover movement, which is a really important feature of a cover mechanism.

Nevertheless, I like games like this, as it pushes the boundary of mobile gaming.
BTW, does anyone thinks that the main character of the game looks just like Bruce Willis? XD


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