My Thought on Facebook F8 2011

Whoa, hasn’t posted in a while, most of my posts in Google+ have been mini post, not enough content to write here. Tonight, I just write a little piece on Google+ and I thought, hey, this could probably work on the blog. And here it is =D

The keynote for Facebook F8 conference has just ended, and the event, hyped as a major update for Facebook, has announced:

  • Timeline, which is a really cool feature, I love the interface. As for usability, I still need to see it first hand. So far my friends haven’t abused that ability to mark a post as top story.
  • Uuum, something called open graph apps, too bad I hate apps on Facebook.
  • Music, another cool feature, I think I would use it, but I don’t know, we ain’t got spotify, or rdio, or anything here.
  • TV, sigh, like it will ever be released on Indonesia <_<

and here I thought there will be some kind of a game changer.
Anyway, Facebook, your turn has ended. Google+, it’s yours.

Original post on Google+


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