Smartphones in Bakuman

Eh, I don’t know if this one warrants an actual post or not, since I manage to cram this one inside 2 tweets XD Nevertheless, I posted it on Google+ and the length looks kinda okay for a blog post, so here I am.Anyway, I just read the latest chapter of Bakuman, chapter 147 (Bakuman is an ongoing manga made by the author of Death Note), and both current chapter as well as the previous one features a lot of conversations on cellphone. Note that the manga takes place in today’s japan.

It’s really interesting that most characters in that manga have already used touch-based smartphones instead of those soap bar or clamshell phones found in older manga (older as in, one or two year older). Another interesting point is that none of those smartphones is iPhone, yet I have spotted a Galaxy S used by one of the characters (well, the button layout is definitely Galaxy S). So, does anyone know more about the condition of smartphone marketshare in Japan?

EDIT: After seeing it posted, looks like the size is good enough for a blog post after all =D


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