Wild Arms 5

It’s kinda ironic, two weeks ago, I made a post on Google+ about how I’m not a gamer anymore, yet, ever since I finished the beta version of my Komodo game (ah, I really need to post about it), all I have done is playing games. Let’s see, I finally finished Wild Arms V, started playing Lunar: Silver Star Story and now playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution whenever I got the time @.@Wild Arms 5 TitleAnyway, about Wild Arms V, it’s an RPG game for PS2 that’s released around 2007, I played it one holiday some months ago and only now pick it back up again. And oh boy, it’s definitely one of those underrated games, it has both awesome battle system as well as good story and memorable characters. And to be honest? I’m tired of all those western RPG where you have no real identity, so this game certainly is a refreshing one amidst all other RPG I’ve played recently.

HEX Battle System

HEX Battle System

Well, HEX battle system from Wild Arms 4 returns in this game, and I’ve gotta say, it is my favorite turn-based battle system so far (for all type of battle system, Star Ocean is my favorite one), combining strategical thinking found in tactical battle system and the simplicity of the normal turn-based battle system. The main plot doesn’t have any big twist like the one in Bioshock (not to mention that the twist in the game isn’t revealed in any dramatic fashion), but combined with a vast array of likable characters, it manages to make you feel kinda emotional in the end. Not to mention that the game has a lot of cutscenes dedicated to the development of our party members.

Oh, and one more thing, the BGMs found in the game are definitely awesome. They all have that wild west theme, yet each of them is different enough that nothing felt rehashed.

Final thought? This game isn’t a masterpiece, but it definitely is worth your time =D

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