A Thought on Razer Blade

So, Razer finally unveils what happened to the Switchblade concept they showed before =D The technology (LCD keypad that can adapt to the game) is now used and implemented in their entry to the world of gaming laptops. See the video below about the Razer Blade, their attempt at ultra portable gaming laptops and how the Switchblade interface worked.

Specs are:
i7 Dual core @2.8GHz
GeForce GT555M with 2GB of VRAM
17-inch screen
0.88-inches thick
7 pounds (3.2 kg)

All that for only $2800!
For me, I think the price is the most problematic factor. I have a friend who bought a $2000 ASUS gaming laptops with not too different spec, but I’m not sure if he’s willing to spent another $800 for the form factor and the switchblade interface. Though he’s been complaining that bringing his laptop around is such a hassle, so may be now he has another opinion on this matter.

Honestly, I wonder if this became a hit, they would release the more budget-friendly ones, for example, they can go for a 15-inch screen and a lower resolution (which would need a lower-specced graphic card as well) and reduce the cost to $2000 while still having a really portable gaming laptop. Hell, if they ever release a separate mechanical keyboard with the switchblade interface, I would definitely get one, so far I really love my Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard.

Though, to be honest, I’m more interested in the original Switchblade concept, a 7-inch portable gaming laptop is one hell of a revolutionary idea. Hopefully a lot of people are interested in this new laptop (I know I’m not going to buy this) so Razer would keep making more gaming peripherals with the switchblade interface =)

Final word? Hell, I always want such an innovation to succeed, it’s been some time since there’s any innovation in the gaming world (Wii or Wii U are gimmicks, I would never count them as innovations).


BTW, just got an idea, what about an  Android App that has the switchblade interface? It would really rock and accessible to a lot of gamer, like, connect the smartphone to the computer, then it would show the interface on the phone screen. Then offer the app for free so people could see how useful the interface is, as the official peripheral from Razer would be a lot better (real button, less lag, more compatible with games, etc) than the app.


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