An Early Look at Komodo Park

Well, several people has requested for in-game screenies, and here they are =D


In-game screen

A couple of resources and layout are almost final, like the map and the character, but other stuff is just a result of some quick coding. For instance, the UI for the score and stuff, the text doesn’t look so good, but I haven’t figured out how to fix them. It could be a simple fix like not using all caps or trying a smaller font, but I could also try adding some sort of bar at the top. Either way, it’s too much of a hassle at this point, especially when the mechanism behind the interface already worked.

Another stuff I don’t really like is the… uh, rectangle thingy. It’s supposed to represent where an activity can take place, because most of the object have the same style, it’s kinda hard to distinguish which object that is part of the gameplay. I tried to color code it according to the activity that takes place, but as of now, the color isn’t really visible. Sure, you got that green rectangle at the stair that looks really green, but the blue one near the sign post doesn’t really look blue.

Pause menu

Pause menu

But well, they are purely aesthetic, there are several other stuff that needs more attention, like that “Closed in” text on the left? There should be some kind of time counter over there, but I just realized that having the counter image changes every second is really taxing for mobile games so I need some sort of caching to make it lighter. There are also a few mechanics (more like eye candy) that I want to add, not to mention other types of customers like male ones. Let’s hope I can finish it by tonight =D

Level selection

Select which level to play

Ah, right, there are other 2 screens. Well, as of now, I’m trying to get that cartoony feeling for the game and I think I nailed it quite nice in both the level selection screen and the pause menu (fortunately that style isn’t really hard to create for an amateur with photoshop). I haven’t manage to make the title screen use the same style though, so I didn’t post it yet =/

Huh? Gameplay? Let’s save it for another time =p

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