It’s been a looong time since I last updated my blog. I guess real life was just catching up with me. So, what prompt me to even start blogging again? Funnily, it’s Google+.

These couple of days I’ve posted several long post there, reviewing some stuff like the new Google+ games or my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. And guess what? I really enjoyed writing them, even to the point that I got worried my post will be too long or something. I don’t know, may be because I have several followers whom I don’t know personally, but I knew will be reading (or at least noticing) my post. Or, well, it could be that it’s not really a blogging platform, thus I don’t need to get worried about stuff like formating or layouting, so I can simply focus on the content. And, well, I started to have more and more things I wanted to tell world about.

Anyway, I decided to give blogging a try once more, and will be far less caring about the layout. Hell, may be I’ll just copy my post from Google+ to this blog so I totally wouldn’t give a damn to the post layout. Let’s start, shall we?

So, tonight I decided to take my Wacom Bamboo and have some artistic moments. Funnily, I found out that I’m more focused when I draw than when I code something. May be because drawing is a much shorter activity, I have a certain goal (image) in mind and I simply pursued it. While coding is something that is more continuous, more and more goal will keep showing up as I code.

Oh, and I just finished the title logo for my game! =D

*…now how the hell do I insert a picture to this post…*

Komodo Park

My next game title

*…ah, there you go!* Yep, it’s a game about Komodo, though more detail will have to wait =)

Oh, BTW, my Google+ account is


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