Ultimate Comics Spider-man #003

A bit late for UCSM review, but late is always better than never!


UCSM #003

UCSM #003

Cover by: David Lafuente
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: David Lafuente
Inks: David Lafuente Garcia
Colored by: Justin Ponsor
Lettered by: VC – Cory Petit

The world of Spider-Man is turned upside down! Friends are enemies and enemies are friends! Mysterio is on the loose and gunning for Spidey big time. Plus-and this is a biggie-you’ll never believe what iconic super hero is moving into Aunt May’s house!


Sigh, I miss Bagley...

Sigh, I miss Bagley...

We’ll start with the thing that turns me off the most, the art. Remember how I liked the art in my last review? Well, despite being good at drawing dynamic battle, LaFuente fails at details. Notice how the background is really simple, and Peter’s fingers are pretty simple too in that particular panel. I mean, I am okay with some cartoon-y looks, but I always liked details, I think it’s one of many things that really shows how good the artist is. Other than these panels, they are kinda okay-ish, though felt a bit more static than the last issue.

...yet LaFuente seems to draw Susan Storm pretty well

...yet LaFuente seems to draw Susan Storm pretty well

Anyway, that conflict with MJ reveals a bit on how the last 6 months been played out. It turns out Peter is as clueless as us in why he actually broke up with MJ, though it seems like his new relationship with Gwen just come naturally. Well, other than this conflict, Bendis follows the old formula of half drama then the latter half is action. The drama part is kinda boring, since Johny’s story isn’t exciting at all, and most of the reader has guessed it from Ultimate FF: Requiem.

FYI, that is Mysterio, not another minor villain

FYI, that is Mysterio, not another minor villain

Well, it’s finally Mysterio time. Like in Marvel 616, he uses illusion for his scheme, successfully manipulating people. Unlike his 616 counterpart though, this time he has the power to actually fight Spider-man. It appears that he isn’t a human, but merely some kind of gas in a human suit, though he is capable of doing physical things while staying in gas form. This power of his somehow reminds me of Will o’ Wisp power, one of 616 Spider-Man’s old villain, an interesting power I might add, I wonder how Spidey will fight him. Anyway, after successfully preventing Mysterio’s scheme, Spider-man was found by the police with a bunch of gold bars, which leads to…

I know you would never expect to see this kind of news

I bet you never expect to see this kind of news

Yeah, this panel is a bit unexpected, I mean, you know how Peter’s luck usually is, so this thing is an interesting new take on the situation. Then comes the epilogue, though it feels kinda bland, after the first issue, I think people would have guessed that Johny would move into Aunt May’s house, there’s no need to hype it or anything. I just hope the e xact reason of why Johny is moving in will be revealed in the next issue.


  • Worsening art (less balooney Spider-man’s head though)
  • Too much hype
  • Interesting Ultimate Mysterio’s power
  • Spidey is loved by people!
  • A bit of info about Peter-MJ

Final Rating: 7/10
If only LaFuente’s art could get better…


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