Long Time No See!

Whew, mid tests are finally done, (there’s still one though, but it wouldn’t really matter) so I can get back to my projects and working on this blog.

So, since it’s been around 2 weeks with almost no update, I’ll work hard this week, first is a review of Heroes latest 2 episodes, it’s under work now, should be up real soon. Next should be another review for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #003, I haven’t got the time to finish the draft, should be finished soon too. Oh, and since I just get my hands on one of Th series, The Sorceress, I’ll write a review about it once I’m done.

Well, other then that, I think I’ll start some reviews about game, since I’ve just finished 2 shooters, Crysis and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas, and both of them are good games! Oh, and currently I’m being addicted ANNO 1404: Dawn of Discovery as well as Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Sigh, both of them takes some times to complete, not to mention ANNO 1404 sandbox mode @.@

And not just that, I’ve got some plans regarding my projects. I’ll try to finish up my Platformer Engine by the end of November (and I’ve just got a new idea for Collision Detection engine, which of course I’ll share with you guys) then I’ll move on to 3D, probably using Direct3D instead of XNA. Feel a bit rushed, but I’ve just come to a realisation, that by the end of this term, my skill will almost be the same with my classmates(I mean, they tackled Dynamic Array in a single lesson, while it takes me some months before I get into that), so I figure I need another approach to stay above them. Oh, and I also got to learn some PHP, since I’ve just got another project using it.

Well, see you in my next review, then!


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