“Why don’t you put Google AdSense on it?”

Whew, been some times since I rant here. So, it’s time for some rant!

Anyway, I’ve just started actively blogging in the last 2 weeks, so, in order to use my time efficiently, I’ve decided to bring my laptop to my class and create my post there (well, I suppose it is much more useful than the class I’m taking @.@) So, my classmates of course see me and my blog. Guess what their first reaction is. It’s Why don’t you put google AdSense on it?

That comment has taken me by surprise, since, well, I can’t say it never crossed my mind to put ad on this blog, but this blog is never intended to be my income source. I enjoyed doing this, because you see, I really need a place where I can put my serious thought and people might read it.  So, yeah, my biggest reward is when someone actually reads all the stuff I’m posting, not when I make any money from writing this. Beside, the moment I started to use this blog to generate some money, I will start posting some things that is interesting to the world, but not to me (like politics, etc) so this blog will not serve its initial purpose anymore.

Call me an idealist, but I hate Ad on website, especially a website on free host, it’s disturbing to anyone who browse the site (and also, internet is supposed to be free  ^^). Not to mention that anyone who browse the site may have limited connection speed, and having ad will only slow them down.

Bottom line,  don’t worry, I won’t put any ad on this site. =)


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