Mini: DotA, House S06, Heroes S04, Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1

Huh, plenty of things are happening (and going to happen) these days, and I feel too lazy to cover all of them in detail. So, I came up with the idea of Mini post, where I just put the summary of my thoughts there. Well, here we go, first on the list is DotA!

An epic picture depicting an epic battle

An epic picture depicting an epic battle

DotA v6.63 maps has just been released, and with it, comes another amazing loading screen by kunkka. This one features another battle between the Sentinel, with Stone Giant, Omniknight, Enchantress, Twin Headed Dragon, and Juggernaut on their side, and the Scourge with Chaos Knight, Slithereen Guard, Queen of Pain, Death Prophet and some guy in the back I do not know (the one fighting Twin Headed Dragon, anyone know who he is?). Keep up the amazing job, Kunkka ^^

For those who are interested in getting the full size of the picture, you can get it on Kunkka’s DeviantART here.

Heroes S04E01

Heroes Season 4 Episode 1

Heroes S04E02

Heroes Season 4 Episode 2


























Next on the list is Heroes! Heroes comes back this year on season 4, with its fifth volume, named Redemption (I hope it’s about the writer trying to redeem themselves). Well, we don’t have to wait too long, since it’s going to be aired soon on september 21, and not to mention that it will have 2 episodes on a single day, with the first episode title is Orientation, while the second one is Jump, Push, Fall.

And then, another TV Show that will air on september 21 is House!

House S06E01

House Season 6 Episode 1

House engages in a battle of wits and wills against the attending physician in charge of his detox program. When he starts to lose, House resorts to blackmail to gain the upper hand.

Yeah, House Season 6 will also air soon, and it will continue directly from the last season where House discover he is hallucinating and went to a rehabilitation facility. Though, the second episode is about House’s homecoming to Princeton Plainsboro hospital, rendering this event pretty much a filler. Oh, and not to mention, much like heroes, this one will be a 2 hours episode, though this one will not be separated as 2 different episode, but as a single episode called Broken.

Last, but not least, it’s Ultimate Comics Armor Wars first issue!




Cover by: Brandon Peterson
Warren Ellis
Steve Kurth
Jeffrey Huet
Colored by:
Lettered by:
VC – Joe Sabino

From the ruins of Ultimatum, Tony Stark races against time to save his crippled corporation and stop the theft of his armored arsenal! Warren Ellis teams up with Steve Kurth to bring you a globe-spanning, high-octane thriller with a blast from Tony’s past that you’ve gotta see to believe!


  • Tony Stark’s lines are awesome
  • Awesome art, though the battle needs to be more dynamic
  • Uninteresting new characters, both villain and ally
  • A buildup issue but no cliffhanger at the ends make it less interesting
  • Not really “Armor Wars”, it’s only a battle between 2 armors (on this issue)

Final Rating: 7/10
Again, Tony’s lines are awesome, but they aren’t enough to cover other things this issue lacks


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