Ultimate Comics Avenger #02

It’s the second week of September, so the long-awaited Ultimate Comics Avengers has arrived! Now all that’s left is only Ultimate Comics Armor Wars, and we’ll wait until October for our next comic.


Ultimate Comics Avengers #02 Cover

UCA #02

Cover by: Carlos Pacheco
Mark Millar
Carlos Pacheco
Danny Miki
Colored by:
Justin Ponsor
Lettered by:
VC – Cory Petit

Reeling over his near-fatal encounter with the Skull, Captain America takes matters into his own hands in pursuit of his terrifying new adversary and his terrorist employers! Meanwhile, Nick Fury reveals the horrifying truth behind the Red Skull and kick-starts Project Avengers in earnest with the arrival of Gregory Stark, Tony’s older, richer and smarter brother!

This second issue really shows how different Millar with Loeb is. While Loeb’s comic is full of action in every scene, Millar’s comic emphasize on character development with some actions added in-between. Anyway, this issue is mainly a buildup and background issue (of course, it’s only the second issue afterall) with most of the scenes are flashbacks.

Captain gone rogue

Captain's gone rogue

This issue mainly deals with the origin of Red Skull (we’ll get to that later) and the restarting of project Avengers. Before it though, we get how Captain America reacts to the news regarding Red Skull. Well, he kicks Hawkeye in the face (literally) and blows up the plane (now that’s what I call an overreaction) in the middle of the sea so he can run away and gather up some info regarding his kid.

Red Skin instead of Red Skull maybe?

Red Skin

Then we get into the present, in Triskelion, Carol Danver is having a meeting with Nick Fury to find out the best way to approach captain’s situation (I wonder why Nick Fury can’t be SHIELD leader).  Anyway, like all good narrative, Fury explains Red Skull background, how he is the son of Captain America and how he is soon adopted after Captain’s death. Well, I’m already liking the idea of how Red Skull is Captain America’s son, but what comes next is a lot more awesome. Since he was Captain America’s son, he was of course researched, and he seems to have a lot of ability that is given by the Super Soldier Serum. Anyway, like all good villains, he destroyed the whole research facility after he becomes big enough. Before leaving though, he skinned his face, to throw away the face that Captain America has given to him, thus the nickname, Red Skull. That alone is one of the best reinvention of old villain, and that page I showed on the left is really creepy. Well, with Super Soldier serum in his blood as well, I hope he becomes a good opponent for Captain America, unlike Colonel, which is so disappointing.

Too bad they have failed to shut Loeb down before he reaches the public

Too bad they have failed to shut Loeb down before he reaches the public

Well, time to get back into the present. Fury told us about Project Avengers, seems like some kind of special ops that would move behind the scene to shut anything that’s to dangerous for public. Huh, a special ops filled with super heroes? It would be like a special, special ops. And then we get a bit of what the special ops will consist of, Hawkeye, New Black Widow and Tony Stark’s elder brother. And I’m sure we’ll get more, 3 people ain’t cool enough.

This one is a really good issue, no wonder it gets into top 10 of comics sale. And it’s also nice to see Millar back on the scene, though I must say that I hate how suddenly Tony Stark has a brother. Ultimate Iron Man never said anything about him having a brother…


  • Awesome art
  • Nice re-invention of Red Skull
  • Discontinuity with Ultimate Iron Man

Final Rating: 8.5/10
(With more action I’ll raise it to 9.5 ^^)


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