Platformer Engine update and Map Editor v0.5

Hi guys!

Been some times since I last wrote anything about my platformer engine project. So here I’m going to update you all about what has happened with it, since a lot of thing has changed since it’s last update. So, here’s a screenshot:

X: "Yay, now I can jump in a real map!"

X: "Yay, now I can jump in a real map!"

Yeah, if you compare it to our last screenshot here, you can see there’s a lot of difference now, some major changes I’ve made:

  • Added a jumping system
  • Added tile-based collision
  • Changed how character state works
  • Added map reading system
  • Added gravity

Some of them are still buggy, like the jumping system animation is not fully done, buggy control on jumping, etc. Yeah, most bug is mainly on the jumping system, since I need some reference before I can perfect it, and since I don’t have my megaman games right now, I need to wait a bit before I can go back to work on it. Oh, and another feature is…

Climbing still needs a proper sprite

Climbing still needs a proper sprite

…climbing! Yeah, don’t worry, it’s a not a bug that made the character looks like that, I’m just too lazy to sprite myself a climbing sprite, so I just flip the walking animation. Yeah, this is a feature that I find interesting to have, I mean, with the addition of climbing, we can get a brand new level design that exploit this ability. As of now, the character is only able to climb vertical wall, but I was planning to make him able to climb horizontal wall as well, making him able to hang from the ceiling (I wonder if I should add some kind of stamina for climbing, what do you think?)

So after 2  weeks of no updates, it’s just this? Heck, no! The next screenshot will answer it:

Creating map with Map Editor 0.5

Creating map with Map Editor 0.5

Yep, you guessed it, a map editor! If you’re one of those keen observers, you would have noticed that we’ve got an entirely different map than the one showed in the previous screenshot, it is the product of this very editor. This one is build using C++ and windows API entirely from scratch, I was thinking of making this one in visual basic, but I figured that this would be a good chance to learn window programming with C++, so here it is, I spent like, a week for this thing.

Anyway, current version is still 0.5, so there are still a lot of improvement to add, but this one here is already powerful enough to create a decent map easily. It can, unlike most small, free map editor out there, select more than one tiles and put them on the map! Though, the most urgent feature I’d like to see real soon is the ability to create a bigger map, since I still hasn’t implemented any kind of scrolling system on this. Some other features that I’d add are tool buttons and map layer.

Anyway, Platformer Engine is progressing fine, with all the framework it now have, adding a feature is a breeze. Though, I’m in the middle of restructuring the whole program now, since this thing has grown beyond my expectation, so I need to implement a new architecture on this thing. And with the next feature I’m going to add is the ability to shoot, I really need to have a solid structure so I can make classes interact easily with each other, which is the main goal of the restructuring.


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