Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #002

Yay! It’s september! And september means new issues of Ultimate Comics will soon be released! Yeah, and this month we’ll start with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man second issue!


UCSM #002

UCSM #002

Cover by: David Lafuente
Brian Michael Bendis
David Lafuente
David Lafuente Garcia
Colored by:
Justin Ponsor
Lettered by:
VC – Cory Petit

All the shocking revelations from the first issue come to bloom in this pulse-pounding second chapter!! Who is the Shroud!!?? Who is Spider-Man?? And who the hell is Mysterio and what did he go and do to the Kingpin?!

Second issue of the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. Well, to be honest, I was expecting more explanation of Spider-man new universe, like how did he ended up with Gwen, where has Johny gone to, who the hell is the red-hooded man and other things. Well, this issue indeed gives us some answer, like who is Mysterio and where is Mary Jane and Kitty Pryde, but there still are a lot more important things to be answered. But, what makes me really into this issue is the art.

Lafuente's art provides us a nice battle

Lafuente's art provides us a nice action

"Stupid head!"

"Stupid head!"

So far, we haven’t seen how Lafuente draws Spider-Man battle (well, unless you count Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3) but this issue shows his battle-drawing style, and I like it, a lot. Before this, both Bagley and Immonen draws a big, static battle, showing Spider-Man hopping around dodging things. But with Lafuente, we see it much more close and personal, depicting each movement panel by panel. Too bad he hasn’t fixed the head.

Anyway, let’s get onto other thing like…

The all new mysterious mysterio

The all new mysterious mysterio

Mysterio. Yeah, this comic opens up with an introduction of mysterio. And again, I like it, this mysterio is really creepy and his villainous monologue is kinda cool. Now, other than his beam power, we also know that his goal is just another world domination or something in that line, and he kills kingpin to eliminate any competion for that goal. I’m just wondering if we will ever know how he get his power and does he, like his 616 counterpart, have any illusion power?

Wait... MJ?

Wait... MJ?

Next we get another introduction of what happens with Kitty and MJ. Seems like Kitty isn’t captured like other mutants, she was just banned from using her power (and gets a detention if she uses it <_<). And there’s another girl… wait, that’s Mary Jane Watson? Okay, from issue #001 we all knew she get a new haircut (which I think is ugly), what I didn’t expect is her change of personality. She seems to lost all her confidence now and become so timid, like, the exact opposite of Ultimate Gwen. Does her breakup with Peter have anything to do with it? Oh, and Kong also made an appearance, seems he has gone all punk now, I don’t like it.

Anyway, other than those two introductions, nothing really going on in this issue, a minor villain duo did show up though, and got their ass kicked quickly. Another thing is Johny finally woke up and made us wait a month before he started to tell his stories.


  • New, interesting battle depiction
  • Mysterio is creepy and cool
  • What’s with MJ new personality? (and haircut?)
  • Nothing is really going on in this issue

Final Rating: 7/10

(BTW, I’d give a 8.5/10 rating to issue #001, 0.5 for Peter-Gwen relationship)

Lettered by: VC – Cory Petit

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