Programming Addicted?

Sigh, and I still haven’t got around to writing the about page…

Anyway, I can’t believe I spend my whole saturday programming my Platformer Engine. Yeah, with 2 of my roommates went out of town, another was being busy with his own agenda, and my girlfriend went out of town as well, I didn’t really have anything to do, so I just stayed in my room, sat in front of my laptop, and started coding it, oh, and not to mention that I was fasting too, so I didn’t really need to go out to find some foods. And what’s worse is, I didn’t regret doing it. I mean, with all the games sitting in my laptop (and hard disk), I still chose programming over them, and I feel happy about it. Sigh, and my Fallout 3 is still far from finished. I’m just afraid I’ve become addicted to programming, much like a person gets addicted to gaming, but this one’s with programming instead. And that’s just when I think I have handled my addiction to gaming…

Anyway, speaking about programming, I’ve finally finished the 2D section of Beginning Game Programming Second Edition. There’re still around 4 chapters dealing with 3D, but I’ll leave it for later, since as of now, I want to fully master 2D first. So, my next move is to create an engine for platformer games (you know, Megaman, Mario, etc), and it comes along just fine, there’s a bit of trouble when implementing class, but it’s been solved now. I already have some kind of game in mind, though I would save it for later, since I still need to draw all the sprites @.@

Platformer engine screenshot

X and his tilesets on Platformer Engine

Oh well, let me give you a little progress report (and a screenshot) of my Platformer Engine for this week. Well, I haven’t modified DirectX Framework much so far:

  • Added a tile mapping system.
  • Added a map scrolling system.
  • Started implementing classes.
  • Optimized some image reading functions.
  • Added some controls for the character.

The basic engine is really almost done, I just need to add more advanced features like jumping, reading an outside source file, etc. I also need to make myselp a map editor, so I could create a better looking map with the tileset I got.

And yeah, I finally found some Megaman X tilesets! Those are pretty rare actually and would help a lot in imagining and designing the collision detection system. I also got a complete Megaman sprite, which would really help in making the animation system for everything the engine will be capable of, like jumping, climbing wall, air-dashing, etc.

If there’s anyone interested, here’s a link to Sprites INC, where I get the megaman sprite, and VGMaps, where I get the tilesets (it’s actually comes from map images, so you still need to tile and set them properly).


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