Updates: Blog, DirectX, and MIDI to WAVE converter

Yay! Finally modified how this blog looks and also changes the setting to how I wanted this blog to be. Though I was initially surprised that WordPress only has 75 themes (and no way to import themes), I finally decided to use the new iNove theme. I wasn’t sure I’ll use this theme at first, since there is no custom header, but I just remembered that I don’t really know what kind of header I’m going to use, and I don’t have one at the moment too, so yeah, iNove for me.

Now, for some real post, I’ll post my latest update on my undertaking of C++ and DirectX. I’ve been reading Beginning Game Programming Second Edition by Jonathan S. Harbour (a really excellent book for beginning DirectX game programming with C++, I could post a link to it if any of you wants it), and so far, I’ve gone until chapter 10, and I think have finished making a basic DirectX framework, which I can use as a template for any future game project.

Here’s a screen of it (the guy walks across the screen endlessly, with a BGM playing)

DXFramework Screenshot01

A screenshot of DirectX FrameWork

Anyway, next step is to create an actual game engine, I just need to learn about tile-based background, which should be covered in the next chapter… Oh, scratch that, it seems there’re still lots of thing to do:

  • Learn about tile-based background
  • Learn how to use classes in C++ effectively
  • Learn how to play MIDI with DirectSound
  • Learn how platformer game works

Yeah, that’s a long way to go. I just hope I can pull this off, especially with college life starting real soon @.@

Anyway, I hate how the code I used for DirectX only able to play *.wav files, I mean, compared to *.mid files they’re like a hundred times bigger, not to mention my audio library only has MIDI and OGG files @.@ So, I suppose I’ll try to convert them, but I can’t find a good, free MIDI to WAV converter! First I tried Mid2Wav Recorder which shows up first when I search for the converter on google. It appears the program only save 10 seconds of the MIDI unless I purchase it, and there’s no working crack for it!! So I ditched it and tried NoteBurner which seems to be free. And yeah, it is free, but it is difficult to use, since I need to burn the music I’m converting into a virtual drive, and I can’t seem to change where I want to burn my files on Windows Media Player! So I looked for another program and ran into both MIDConverter and Ivan MID to WAV, and both of them needs to be purchased before I can properly use them! So, I gave up searching for it, and decided that I need to learn how to play MIDI files with DirectX instead. Still, if anybody ever finds a good and free MIDI to WAVE converter, please let me know, okay?

Oh, I just remembered I haven’t add anything to the about page, I’ll do it tomorrow I guess.


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