Hello World!!

Hello there, whoever read this opening post ^^

Well, for some months, I’ve been thinking about creating some kind of blog for a little game project I’ve been doing. However, I’m afraid that no one would read or care about it, so I thought, may be a forum is better for posting updates of my game project. But it seems I can’t find any forum for that though @.@ and besides, I don’t feel confident with my little knowledge of programming, so I feel kinda shy posting about it on a forum. And last night, after updating my twitter account (after one month), I feel like that twitter is too limited to post an update on whatever I’m doing, so I got an idea, why don’t I use a blog to post them. And after researching a bit of WordPress VS LiveJournal (I didn’t even think about Blogger, it feels too unprofessional), I choose WordPress, since it feels more professional and don’t have that “community-only” feels. And well, that’s all the background you need to know of this little journal of mine!

So, what will be on this blog? Anything. It could be my project update, my recent activity, some art I made, some review about comics or movie or game or whatever, news I’m excited about, a piece of my mind, or whatever that I’m interested to share!

Oh, and yes, I basically haven’t done anything to modify the looks of this blog, a bit lazy for that and haven’t got the time for it, but modification is coming, I can assure you. Anyway, at first, I was thinking of putting something like “cutting red ribbon” or that kind of thing to officially start this journal, but WordPress first post gives me an idea. Let’s open this journal like any first program you made, with a…

Hello World!!

Now I need some breakfast

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